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Are you like Uber?

No, Hop In does not own their fleet. Hop In focuses on transportation logistics to design custom routes around our clients needs then use transportation providers like Uber, van taxis, charter bus or any other transportation company to operate the routes.

Where can you operate?

Hop In can operate anywhere due to our focus being on the logistics software. We work with local transportation providers to operate the custom routes we design. We currently have transportation providers across North America.

What’s the price?

The price is dependent on the service required. Do you need data analytics on your employee’s commuting challenges? Do you require shuttle services? Do you have multiple facilities? Our service is very much customized to our clients needs. Book a Discovery Call to learn more.

Are you in competition with public transit?

No, Hop In designs routes to fill the gaps left by public transit to help complement and bolster mobility in the area.

I do not have a lot of employees but they do have commuting issues, can you help?

Yes, Hop In Technologies is a flexible solution that utilizes data to build their solutions. Data analytics and a small shuttle solution may work for you. Book a Discovery Call to learn more.

How did you come up with the idea?

Co-Founders Erich and Boyd, started the company with a goal of addressing commuting challenges. After much trial and error, they identified that there are tons of transportation available to people; they are just not being mobilized to address these commuting challenges. From then they developed a logistics software to tackle mobility challenges for companies, organizations, and municipalities.

Who pays for the service, the company or the employee?

We are a B2B service so our clients are the companies themselves. However, we can arrange cost-sharing models if that’s what is preferred by our clients.

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“Hop In allows other avenues of recruitment, they address tight labour and open up opportunities for Pattern”
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