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Northumberland County - NMA Rides


The Northumberland Manufacturers Association (NMA) represents the commercial interests of over 50 manufacturers located in the municipalities of Alnwick/Haldimand, Brighton, Cobourg, Cramahe, Hamilton (Township), Port Hope and Trent Hills. The NMA has highlighted the particular challenge that its membership faces in attracting and retaining staff given the lack of public transit options throughout the broader jurisdiction and has been tasked by its membership to examine workforce development options specifically around recruitment and retention, citing those issues as their biggest challenge.

Northumberland County - NMA Rides
Northumberland County, ON


  • Lack of mobility within the county
  • More difficulty recruiting inside and outside the county
  • Loss of potential tenants due to lack of accessibility to the county

Hop In Solution

Leverage and coordinate local transportation services to build shuttle solutions tailored around the manufacturing community. This solution helped by:

  1. Improving mobility within the county
  2. Supporting the recruiting process for manufacturers
  3. Making the county more attractive to potential businesses
Access optimization
Leveraged 3 local transportation companies to be included in a microtransit solution to fill the county’s transit gaps
Directly responsible for hiring 3 new manufacturing employees in December 2021
Transit availability
Providing new late night and early morning transit options to residents of Northumberland County where there wasn’t any previously

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