Case Study

Maple Lodge Farms


Maple Lodge Farms, a large food processing company, was experiencing retention issues for their night shift due to lack of public transportation for their workers at night. Because of this they started a shuttle service but it was poorly run with low engagement. All of this happening in the midst of a global pandemic.

Maple Lodge Farms
Brampton, Ontario
Consumer Packaged Goods


  • High turnover.
  • Underperforming production due to large number of open positions.
  • COVID outbreaks from commuting staff.
  • Screen reader support enabled.

Hop In Solution

Hop In Tech implemented their three step approach:

  1. Needs Assessment to better understand and break down commuting challenges for the Maple Lodge Farms employees.
  2. Hop In Tech desgined tailored routes based on employee needs to increase engagement.
  3. Launched a night shuttle program. With continuous optimization and analytics overtime, the night shuttle expanded to a full day service.
825% increase in ridership engagement since initial pilot
Ability to hire in municipalities over 50km away thereby expanding hiring pool
Additional night shift added due to increased accessibiliy to the facility
Removal of almost 50,000 kms of Single Occupancy Vehicle Commuting
On average 32 minutes saved per day in commuting and $23.00 saved per day for employees earning approximately $17 per hour

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