Case Study

King Charters


King Tours is a bus transportation company in Toronto, ON. As one of the biggest charter bus companies in Ontario, King Tours has many years of experience providing transportation at the highest quality. In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic came and shook the world, the transportation industry was no exception. King Tours prides itself on a great transportation experience and innovation to stay on top. Emerging stronger than ever was a top priority for King Tours.

King Charters
Toronto, ON


  • Massive slash of services during the COVID Pandemic
  • Difficulty creating outbound B2B sales opportunities
  • Need for innovation to stay on top

Hop In Solution

Hop In traditionally supports transportation companies in the following ways:

  1. Providing business development support by bringing new and recurring business to help boost yearly revenue
  2. Hop In’s logistics software can be used as a value add to their current and new clients
  3. Provide market research to keep Transportation companies informed on related trends
Per seat cost decrease
Custom routes designed around the needs of the client to increase rider engagement lowering the per seat cost
Revenue increase
During COVID when transportation companies across the board experience massive decline in business, Hop In was growing and offering new recurring business to transportation providers
Increase in rider satisfaction
Transportation companies can focus on the business while Hop In provides a 24/hour rider service line along with feedback forms analytics to improve rider experience
Higher conversion with data
With Hop In, transportation providers can offer custom routes and perform a Needs Assessment to show clients indepth data related to commuting and transportation challenges

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